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DSO-203 Quad scope

The DSO Quad is a pocket-size oscilloscope from

It uses a dual-channel 40MS/s ADC to capture into the SRAM of a SiliconBlue
FPGA, clocked at 36MS/s (with optional overclocking to 72MS/s and optional
interleaving to provide double capture rate). The STM32F103VCT6 (72 MHz Cortex-M3)
then reads the FIFO over a 16-bit bus and displays them on an embedded
(intelligent) TFT screen.

First, lets try and find a nice and general gnu toolchain?

$ git clone git://
$ cd summon-arm-toolchain

To get the dso203 app compiling with this, dont forget parameters:
$ ./summon-arm-toolchain TARGET=arm-none-eabi USE_LINARO=1 LIBSTM32_EN=1 DEFAULT_TO_CORTEX_M3=1