El Griffe


On a night in May of 1683, Lorenz de Graaf, who was a Dutch pirate who was locally known as Lorencillo, stole into the (Veracruz) village and did exactly what pirates do.

This song tells what happend afterwards..







Piraten top 5

De belangrijkste piraten:

1 Laurens de Graaf (1653-1704) uit Dordrecht stond bekend als de Gesel van de West. De Spanjaarden waren ervan overtuigd dat hij een duivel was.



A Veracruz legend claims that the song originated as a satirical stab at government officials who took elaborate measures to protect the wealthy coastal city from pirate attack AFTER the Dutch pirate Lorenz de Graaf, also know as “Lorencillo,” had ransacked it in 1683.



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